Urban Housing Solutions

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Phone: 615-726-2696

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Mon - Fri 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (EDT)

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Website: http://www.urbanhousingsolutions.org

Email: [email protected]

NTEE Code: L20: Housing Development, Construction & Management


Urban Housing Solutions provides affordable homes in supportive communities across Greater Nashville.


Our goal is to provide the city with thousands more apartments over the next six years, preserving the ability for Nashvillians to care for their families and live where they work.


Urban Housing Solutions is Nashville’s nonprofit leader in affordable rental housing. Urban Housing Solutions (UHS) began in 1991when our founder, Rusty Lawrence, organized a group of funders and social service experts to acquire a motel property and convert it to housing for chronically homeless individuals. Over the next 20 years, UHS focused on renovating old properties into housing for other populations with special housing needs - including those living with HIV/AIDS, individuals needing mental health support, those struggling with addiction, deaf and hard of hearing adults, and other vulnerable individuals and families. In these partnerships, UHS has provided the “hardware” of housing through its development/property management activities and our team of service coordinators connect residents to the “software” of supportive services provided by other nonprofits and social service agencies. Working with our public and private partners, UHS provides affordable homes in supportive communities across greater Nashville. As Nashville’s growth over the last decade has enacted more pressure on the affordability of housing, UHS has increased the scale of its development efforts to meet these needs - focusing on new construction and the preservation of larger apartment communities. Currently, UHS provides nearly 1,500 affordable apartments to individuals and families in Davidson County. Over the last 5 years, UHS has developed/preserved more than 700 affordable apartments, with more several projects in our pipeline. In addition, we’ve bolstered partnerships to continue addressing unmet housing needs and to expand access to essential services like health and transportation, along with neighborhood services through development of mixed-use buildings. With an emphasis on quality design, equity, and community partnerships, our continued growth emphasizes the development of communities in which all residents can thrive.


Services Offered

  • Economic Development
  • Home Improvement & Repairs
  • Housing Development, Construction & Management
  • Low-Income Long Term Residential Housing
  • Sober Living/Recovery Housing
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

Populations Served

  • Adults
  • Economically Disadvantaged People
  • People Struggling with Homelessness
  • People of all Racial Minority Groups
  • People with Mental Health Issues
  • People with Substance Abuse Issues

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