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Nashville, TN, USA

EIN Number: 85-1662354


contact information

Phone: (615) 434-4912

Hours: By Appointment Only


Email: [email protected]

NTEE Code: D20: Animal Protection & Welfare


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When pet owners are in crisis (eviction, domestic violence, hospitalization, addiction, etc.), Pawster Nashville places their cat or dog in a loving foster home until the owner is back on their feet and ready to be reunited. This keeps pets out of shelters, and it keeps families together. Pawster Nashville's mission is to end pet homelessness before it begins, by providing short-term respite care for pets as an alternative to surrender, with the goal of reunification with their owners.


Pawster envisions a world where no one has to lose a beloved furry family member because of a temporary crisis. To reach this vision, Pawster has identified several key strategic goals in the next 5 years. The goals for 2023 include: 1. Foster 55% of foster requests or 125 pets total in 2023. 2. Define three questions and insights by July 2023, provided by data in order to better define and accomplish our mission. 3. Investigate and define personnel practices/models and HR information by July 2023 and board bylaws by end of 2023, in order to effectively hire staff and recruit new board members. 4. Complete process and documentation for board member prospecting, interviewing and evaluation to select a minimum of 2 Pawster board members by end of 2023. 5. Raise $130,000 from the following sources: a) $20,000 from major donors, b) $40,000 from all other individual donations, c) $25,000 from individual fundraising events, d) $6,000 in recurring monthly donations, e) $70,000 in program grants.


When a pet's family is in temporary crisis and wishes to keep their dog or cat, Pawster houses their pet in a loving foster home for a maximum of 3 months. By keeping pets out of the shelter, Pawster allows shelters and rescues to save more pets who are already homeless. Moreover, crisis foster care keeps families together on the other side of crisis. While in foster care, Pawster provides all supplies and veterinary care, including wellness checks, vaccinations, microchip, spay/neuter surgery and any emergency/urgent care that arises during the foster stay. When you donate to Pawster, your donation goes directly to these costs associated with providing Crisis Foster Care for dogs and cats until they can go home to their family.