Dismas House of Nashville

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contact information

Phone: 615-297-4511

Hours: Open

Mon - Fri 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM (EDT)

Sat Closed

Sun Closed

Website: http://www.dismas.org

Email: [email protected]

NTEE Code: L40: Temporary Housing


The mission of Dismas House of Nashville is to foster community awareness and understanding of the challenges and obstacle formerly incarcerated men face upon reentry by providing a system for personal grwoth as they transition back into society.


At Dismas House of Nashville we have established and operate within a culture of dignity, respect and fairness as we celebrate the diversity and unique differences of every individual we welcome into our community. As advocates for social justice across the state of Tennessee, we seek to improve the lives of formerly incarcerated men who deserve a second chance.


Our services include: Basic Needs – We provide food, shelter, clothing, and transportation for residents, which gives them the secure and stable foundation needed to adjust and grow. Residents have ready access to food, and community volunteers prepare evening dinners Monday through Thursday. Program housing units are fully furnished with 2 residents per room and a shared bath. Every new resident receives a basic needs package upon arrival containing toiletries, a few household items, and 3 days of clothing. We provide food, shelter, clothing, and transportation for residents. Health & Well-Being – We take a trauma-informed approach to the care of our residents, many of whom are diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. Our comprehensive mental health program includes on-site individual, family and group therapy on a weekly basis. Substance use disorders are addressed through our Recovery track programming that includes daily 12-step meetings and detailed relapse prevention plans. Additionally, our residents receive free healthcare that includes physical, dental, and eye exams, and benefit from weekly wellness classes like yoga, CrossFit, and daily meditation are provided to improve physical and mental well-being. Skill-based groups, like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), help residents practice emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, and distress tolerance skills. Life Skills – Case managers work with residents on short- and long-term goals, transition plans, gaining employment, and achieving academic goals such as HiSET and earning/completing a college degree or vocational certificate. Job readiness training and weekly finance and technology classes help residents gain financial footing and be better prepared to join the 21st-century workforce. Interpersonal communication skills are practiced through participation in community events, group meetings, engagement with mentors, and our volunteer-hosted community dinners. Legal Support – Through partnerships, residents regularly meet with Legal Aid Society and specialized attorneys that provide individualized support that includes, in part, expungements, driver’s license reinstatement, restoration of voting rights, reduction and payment of fines and fees, and resolving child support issues.


Services Offered

  • Food Served Daily/Soup Kitchens
  • Housing Support Services
  • Job Training
  • Living Essentials (Toiletries, Baby Supplies, Electronics, etc.)
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Primary Health Care
  • Pro Bono Services
  • Public Transportation Assistance
  • Rehabilitation & Reentry Services
  • Transitional Living/Halfway Houses
  • Vocational & Technical

Populations Served

  • Adults
  • Economically Disadvantaged People
  • Formerly Incarcerated People
  • Men & Boys

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